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french white oak flooring by heppner hardwoodsHome of Real French Oak Hardwood Flooring

Authentic French Oak Hardwood Flooring

Heppner Hardwoods treats each floor with the respect and care of the original French artisans that installed the beautiful floors in the Palace of Versailles. Today our French Oak floors are made from either new French Oak or when available from Antique French Oak reclaimed from beams, churches or sometimes wine staves (barrels) can be utilized in the fabricating of parquet flooring. As you consider this significant investment our knowledgeable staff is available to guide you and your team through your options and consideration. We will customize your engineered or solid floor into the pattern that suits your environment and life style.

The natural beauty of the 'cathedral' grain found only in French Oak, lends itself to wide plank application. First, the slow growing 80 - 200 year old tree is cut into boules. This process is the cutting of whole logs 'through and through' so that the boards sliced are the full width of the tree. The wide width boards will have an array of grain, from the flat sawn cathedral grain in the center of the boards which is accompanied by quartering on the edges along with occasional flecks of the medullary rays. We recommend an engineered application.

Parquet floors are hand assembled floor patterns that have been used throughout history in Castles and Palaces throughout the world. These floors are exquisite labors of love. The pattern is designed to fit with the style of the rooms into which they are being installed. Each pattern is "framed" and glued to an underlayment which is repeated until there are enough "frames" to cover your surface. The out side edge of the frame has a T & G pattern for ease in installation. You may choose new French Oak, Antique or Aged to look old. Some patterns are even lovelier when you add other species for contrast, such as flat and/or quartersawn Walnut or an ebonized Jatoba feature strip. Your choices of pattern include the classics such as Bordeaux, Brittany, Versailles or Chantilly. Don't have a castle; Herringbone pattern can be scaled to the correct proportion of your project.

In-lays are another option for a spectacular focal point. Our in-house artist will work with you to design a medallion or border as unique as you are. Entryways or music rooms offer plenty of inspiration for your "one-of-kind" marquetry. Every medallion brings together art and technology, whether you choose an in-lay pattern, or a sculpted relief carving. More about wooden floor in-lays ...