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Engineered Hardwood Flooring


french oak hardwood flooring by heppner hardwoods california manufacturedThe distinction of a Heppner Hardwoods engineered floor is that it is hand crafted to the design of your customer.

"With proper installation, a Heppner Hardwoods engineered floor will not only be enjoyed now, but survive successive generations yet to be."

Ironically, the importance of the custom engineered flooring materialized due to revived appreciation for the old and rare. As Americans coveted this vintage old world patina they set off on scavenger hunts to re-claim weathered barns and bridges. Heppner Hardwoods technology makes this renaissance possible.

The technical skill of manufacturing engineered flooring starts with a stable substrate. The best plywood is made with Baltic Birch woven and glued together with exterior rated adhesives. Heppner Hardwoods hand selects the top decorative boards that will be hot glued to the plywood. The gluing of the lamella is processed on a continuous feed glue line, which means that the exposed top decorative board will be kept at its optimum long lengths to which the plywood will be cut. The next process is the boards are precision moulded into tongue and groove (T & G) flooring. But, now we need you and your design team participation, it is at this point you will decide on the flooring profile. The treatment range is square edge to custom bevel to radius. The distinction of a Heppner Hardwoods engineered floor is that it is hand crafted to the design suiting your life style.

If these walls could talk, or in this case if this floor could talk it might be a message about old-growth forests, or stories of being recovered from old churches or barns. It might have started with a phone call from a farmer wanting to sell a 100 year old Walnut tree that he played in as a child. Or your floors' pedigree might be from 300 man hours of hand scraping and distressing to achieve the the old world look of a lovingly aged antique. And since each board has been sliced three times before being crafted into your eco-conscious floor, the consumption of the planks utilized are three times less than the boards used in the creation of a solid floor.

Whatever the origin, with proper installation, you can rest assured that your retro-treasure will endure and survive your day to day living. For greater stability when installing wide plank boards a Heppner Hardwoods 5/8" engineered floor with a 1/4" thick wear layer is suggested. Or, you may choose a 3/4" thick mixed width with a beefy 3/8" wear layer, which will allow mutable refinishing and sanding, should your client want a new look in the future. Which ever one you choose, it will survive successive generations yet to be. It could bring a whole new meaning to "family tree".

Real French Oak Flooring. The uniqueness of the tight grain is unmistakable.

Just as you should not accept a substitute for a Heppner Hardwoods' engineered floor, neither should you accept the Siberian Oak posing as a French Oak. France is the source for the Oak used both in our solid and engineered floors. And fortunately the French oak forest constitutes one of the largest oak-growing regions of Europe. The main forest regions are controlled and auctioned by the French government to assure quality and an ongoing availability. There is no reason for you to settle for an imposter.